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Transcriptions are available via email.  Payment via Paypal to mneverisky at yahoo dot com or other method by prior arrangement.  PDF files contain both standard notation and tablature.  Transcriptions include suggested fingerings.

Tune Price Listen
Blue Doodle #98 $5.50 Video
In My Life $5.50 Video
I Will $5.50 Video
Maple Leaf Rag $8.50 Video
Winter Wonderland $5.50 Video
Si Bheag Si Mhor (guitar) $5.50 Video
Si Bheag Si Mhor (ukulele) $5.50 Video
It’s Only Love (ukulele) $5.50 Video



A couple of samples showint the style and quality of the guitar and uke transcriptions.
Click for full size view.




  1. Just wondering if your transcription Si Bheag Si Mhor ukulele include tab, notes and chord as well? Would love to play this for old folks out here on Prince Edward Island Canada. My husband would play ukulele bass along with me. Does your transcript include the incidental notes you’ve put in, as it is lovely. Do you have any more celtic uke music? Looking for Carrickfergus and Inisheer. I started tabbing them out but can’t arrange very well, my versions are lifeless. Would love to have you do this songs as well. My playing skill includes picking a wonderful song and playing it by tab. A simple player really but love the challenge of great songs such as this one. Cheers. Heidi

  2. Hello Heidi,
    Thanks for getting in touch. The transcription is fairly accurate with both tab and standard notation. Left hand fingering suggestions (as I play the notes) are included… chords, alas, are not. I will see about posting a sample here.

  3. Steve Wellcome permalink

    Do you have the fingering for St. Louis Tickle? I learned (badly) the first two sections about 40 years ago and have been meaning to learn the rest of it ever since. Your YouTube video of SLT makes it obvious that there are better fingerings for the first two sections than what I’m using, and your fingerings for the rest of it are undoubtedly better than what I’d come up with.


    • Hi Steve. You know, I think I learned that version of SLT years ago from a book. I don’t have it handy, but you might look through the Guitar Workshop catalog… most likely that’s where I found it.

      • Steve Wellcome permalink

        Quite possibly the book I learned the first two sections from…and also can’t find! I wish I could at least remember who wrote the book, but that’s gone too. (Maybe Happy Traum?) I have another arrangement I can work from, but I’ll need to make up the fingerings. Perhaps I can pick them off your YouTube video…which leaves me in awe of the clarity and precision of your playing, by the way.

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