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Michael Neverisky has been playing ragtime, folk, blues and old-time country music on the acoustic guitar, five string banjo and fiddle since the 1900s.  A graduate of the New England Conservatory and an experienced acoustic musician, Michael uniquely combines an understanding of formal guitar technique and music theory with a passion for traditional styles.

  1. To be brief and to the point:

    You are on am extremely short list of my favorite instrumentalists.

    I have been playing since 1961, guitar, mandolin , banjo, button accordeons.

    Jeff Hildreth

    So Oregon

  2. Very kind and generous things to say, Jeff. Any man who can figure out how to play a squeeze box has my respect!

    Best regards from Northern New England,

  3. Tom permalink

    The first song you played on Mark Hatchers new model was very beautiful. Can you tell me what it is? It was a perfect song to showcase that guitar which is an outstanding parlor…

    • Hi Tom. The first part was a bit of an improvisation around the melody “Si Bheag Si Mhor” which is attributed to Turlough O’Carolan. The second part was a deliberate arrangement of the same. Mark is a gifted artist and craftsman, I always welcome the opportunity to play one of his guitars.

  4. Hello.Mike. My grandmother played Maple Leaf Rag on.piano. I am mostly a soul.and blues person, but I.have a truly fierce sub-specialty in classic ragtime AND Jelly Roll Morton (just the solo the entire Library of Congress (Alan Lomax) set on.MP 3 for ten.bucks on.Amazon.Prime. Go figure…..awesome dog. Have a great weekend. Blame all.typos on.Kindle. I would also.blame Windows 10 if I.could get away with it! Nah. Friend me on.Facebook? I am.the Victoria Dailey with the greenish photo of a little girl.and a horse, way back.when. Awesome version of Maple Leaf Rag… Victoria Dailey. Washington, DC area)

  5. Carmen ADamo permalink

    Do you give guitar lessons on skype

  6. Mark Taylor permalink

    You play so freely relaxed and so beautiful….do you happen to live in the Hudson Valley ny area?.I would love to hear you live.

  7. John Hubbard permalink

    Hi Michael
    I live in the Uk and Im 66 and still trying to master fingerpicking. I saw your performance of Happy again on U tube. Its brilliant. I am studying it from the leaflet in Chets DVD and frankly there are many errors most Ive sorted out by listening to you. I just cant get the fast run you do . Is it transcribed any where do you know? please dont bother with this if you are busy

    many thanks John Hubbard

  8. John Hubbard permalink

    Hi Michael
    Just to say I worked at the Happy Again tune and all is well. It was due to me needing John Knowles transcription and then the light was turned on. I dont know why my previous comment states “awaiting moderatioin” It maybe due to my lack of IT capability. Please Email me to advise
    many thanks John Hubbard

    • Hi John. Apologies for the delayed response… WordPress curation isn’t as intuitive as we might like! I’m glad you found John Knowles, who has much to offer to those of us studying Chet’s style.

      • John Hubbard permalink

        Hi Michael
        Thank you so much for replying it was very kind. On another issue ie instruments I have noted you playing two I quite liked . The first is a Taylor 32ce nylon and the other a Martin nylon 0003. I have small hands and so perhaps a short scale is best. The problem all these type of guitars are said to fall down when unplugged. Could you give me you views on the choice between these 2 and any others you rate. Two last points. The Taylor above seems to be replaced by the 312cen and as an interesting point you are on U tube trying out a old Takamine EG 562 C like mine which you rated as good I think. For me its not too great for tone. If you don’t want to get into all this stuff about best guitar I will quite understand and I will soon get the idea of what is acceptable on your site .
        Regards John Hubbard

      • Hello John. I think it is best to regard the Taylor nylon and Martin 000C as acoustic-electric instruments. This is where they shine. I would, however, give a nod to Taylor for playability as the Martin is a longer scale. For a fuller acoustic sound and, perhaps, a more accommodating neck profile you might consider looking at some other so-called “crossover” guitars. Cervantes, for example, makes nylon string guitars with a 1 3/4″ nut (some classical guitars are 2″ wide) and a radiused fingerboard. Cordoba is another maker that comes to mind.

  9. Do you have arrangements of popular wedding music? Be happy to buy them from you!
    David Bergstrom

  10. Joël permalink

    Dear Michael
    First I want to thank you a lot for all the songs you share. For a few years now I am coming into fingerpicking and you have been very inspiring!
    I wish I can learn to play that fine Moshe’s Rag you do play so good, but I do not find a tab anyway! Is there a songbook with this one? Someone selling it online?

    Thanks (from France)

    • Hello Joel,
      Thank you for the kind words. I purchased the written music for Moshe’s Rag directly from Lasse Johansson. You can reach him through his website.

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